5 Home & Garage Expansion Ideas

5 Home & Garage Expansion Ideas

Having a garage takes a lot of additional usable square footage inside your residence. As a homeowner, it’s time to exercise your creativity in raising home value and creating something wonderful in your home. If you are planning to expand your home layout, why not consider having a garage conversion and home expansion?

The garage floor is more than just a place for your cars, bikes, and vehicles, in general. It’s a free space you can convert to boost property use. As such, if you’re looking for some ideas to expand home space, consider these home project ideas.

Additional Bedroom

It’s always a good idea to have an additional bedroom inside the household. You never know when guests are over or when you want to put up a bedspace for lease. One of the free spaces you can transform is the garage. For this project, you need to work with professional contractors. In this kind of idea, you’re essentially making over an open space. First, book some garage door company to check the garage door for removal. Then, work with builders to add a wall to enclose the front wall on the garage entrance. Once you have an enclosed room, you can add more things for the bedroom. Add some opportunity for leasing income by putting a bed, a ventilating system, and some basic room furniture.

garage door bathroom

Home Business

It’s never easy to build a business from scratch, especially if you need to start with basics such as space. Luckily, you can book a garage expansion and conversion for your own small business.
Park the vehicle and assess the space dimensions of the garage. Then, clean the garage from things and stored items and contact some teams to help you transform the space. Consider the costs as an initial investment to your small enterprise. Other necessary basics you need to cover are electrical, water, and plumbing systems. Moreover, always inquire first with local codes and building regulations. Setting up a business at home doesn’t excuse the necessary paperwork with local parties.
garage office

Garage Attic

Imagine a garage with an attic space above. There are many clever ways to maximize the aerial space for every property. As households accumulate things and items, more storage always adds home value. The first thing to consider is the roofing system of the attic. If the garage is a single-floor attachment to the household, you’ll have more opportunities to add spacious attic space.
The next thing you can consider is adding mini access to the attic. Add a simple spiral staircase or keep-away ladder for the attic expansion. Always remember that expanding home space isn’t limited to horizontal space expansions.
garage attic

Garage UpStairs Bedroom

Another thing you can consider for a home expansion is an additional bedroom. The twist is that it’s an upstairs bedroom above the garage. Instead of an attic, you’re building for a full bedroom space.
Check for building codes and restrictions before transforming the upstairs space of the garage. While many neighborhoods are typically okay with construction activities, others have a stricter code. As you work around neighborhoods, the noise and activity for the bedroom construction may affect surrounding properties. Contact professional construction teams first as these people know the requirements to get a pass on regulation.
garage door second addition

Car lift space

Not all garage owners need an additional bedroom or a transformation for a business space. Sometimes, garage spaces are meant for cars and vehicles only.
If your garage is strapped, and you can’t expand the area around the limited property, consider a car lift. What is a car lift? A car lift is a vertical metal structure that can elevate from the ground. Adding a car lift means you can utilize the garage dimensions well. Imagine another vehicle resting on a car lift, parked above your ride that’s on the floor. There won’t be a shortage of space for parking your cars safely inside your residence.
garage car lift


All home and garage expansion projects are best with professional work and recommendations. Contact a garage door repair company first, especially if you plan to keep the garage door. As the garage doors guard the garage entrance, it should always be in a safe, working condition. Tuning up the garage mechanism benefits your home expansion project by adding value to a functional garage door.

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