Where to Buy Garage Door Opener Remote

Where to Buy Garage Door Opener Remote

In the most typical scenarios, remote control devices are part of the package inclusion. When you purchase a model of the opener, the garage door opener remote is part of the package. Nevertheless, many retail outlets and brand manufacturers sell separate remote products. If you need to buy a replacement remote control device, you can always do so.

The question shouldn’t fall too hard on if you can buy a separate remote-control device. There are many remote-control products, and you should note more about the remote that controls the opener. Not all remote-control devices can command and operate any opener. The exception is a universal remote control. Nevertheless, even universal remote-control devices can’t open older opener models. Ensure that you purchase the correct remote control to avoid wasting time and effort buying the remote.

If you’re looking for a place to purchase a remote-control device, here are some places for every garage owner:

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Garage door opener remote

official brand retail outlet

The first place you can check is the official retail outlet of the brand. There is more than one brand of garage door supplies around town. Not only are these brands supplying openers and remote-control devices. Most official brands also provide garage door system parts for all settings. These are some brands of openers that also sell the remote-control devices separately:

  • Chamberlain garage door opener
  • LiftMaster garage door opener
  • Craftsman garage door opener

big retail outlets

Another place you can consider is general outlet shops that sell items. Big marts, supermarkets, and hardware store chains sell electronic devices to people. Go to the nearest retail outlet in your area to check for a wide selection of products for your garage. 


There will be an assortment of control devices for the opener. It’s not limited to a remote-control handheld device. Electronic keypad access devices for the garage are available. There are also car panel remote control installation devices for vehicle owners. 

online retail websites

Another option is online websites that sell parts and products. Check out the different opener brands to see if they have websites specifically for retail. While many brands promote their services and products, there may be link offerings to online checkouts. More than the business and brand online presence, these brands like Chamberlain, LiftMaster, and Craftsman have retail websites.


The same concept goes for big retail shops. The retail supermarkets, hardware chains, and marts may have retail websites. Instead of going to a physical store to check stocks, check for the websites of these physical locations instead. There is an assortment of products for the garage mechanism. Instead of just buying remotes, you can scout for replacement parts and spares.

e-commerce platforms

E-commerce platforms are a bit different from official retail websites. Instead of having physical stores, the website hosts thousands of sellers who offer various products. Consider Amazon, eBay, and marketplace pages in social media sites. Thousands of sellers online also act as suppliers of the garage door mechanism parts. This is especially for locations that have less access to official retail outlets and big retail outlets.


Nevertheless, always check for the reviews of previous buyers for the remote-control devices. It’s better to set your expectations and browse to the market’s feedback. This way, you don’t need to waste on wrong products or scammer sellers. Always check and compare the price differences from various sellers of the same product. Get the best deals, and don’t forget to get coupons and discounts for the remote control.

garage door companies

One of the most effective yet less obvious places to shop for an opener remote is garage door companies. Many businesses that focus on garage doors don’t only cater to offering services for garage owners. Many of these businesses may also supply remote control devices for property owners. Look out for the nearest companies in your area and ask for available supplies for sale. You may be surprised to find out that these places don’t only give out garage door repair services as available offerings.

Call us to inquire about your replacement remote control device for the garage door opener

Suppose you need professional advice on the remote for replacement, book for experienced technicians. There are many services in town that offer garage door opener repairs. These businesses also offer brand-new openers and remote control devices. Moreover, these businesses are experts in the field already. You can always ask for recommendations and advice if you ever visit the business’ physical location.

After getting a new remote, you may need to program the device for the opener. Sometimes it may not be easy to integrate brand new control devices into the garage. Programming and resetting the remote with Chamberlain garage door opener programming or LiftMaster garage door opener programming may not work. All you need to do is ask for professional technicians nearby.

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