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An easy way to improve your home’s appeal is to either replace your old garage door with a beautiful, brand-new one or install one if your property never had one. Regardless of your choice, you need the help of a reliable team. Our professional and experienced crew at Capital Garage Door Repair can get your new garage door installation done quickly without any issue.

There are several reasons people may consider replacing their garage door or installing a new one. A typical reason is that investing in a new garage door is a quick and straightforward way to raise a property’s value. The home’s curb appeal is an essential attractor for people looking to purchase a new home.

Some people are looking to upgrade from an uninsulated garage door to an insulated one as they can enjoy several benefits from it. Other people simply look to replace their damaged garage door with a properly functioning one.

The Types of Garage Doors We Work With

types of garage doors

Our team mainly works with steel garage doors, but we can also install glass garage doors. Steel door installations have several advantages over other door types, and these are:

Steel doors are strong and durable. They offer plenty of protection against warping, denting, and cracking while also being more resistant to harsh weather.

• Low Maintenance. Steel garage doors require less overall cleaning as they neither rust easily nor require repainting too often. They are also lighter, even if steel doesn’t evoke that feeling, meaning that they put less stress on every part involved with the opener mechanism.

• Saves Money On Energy Bills. Steel is generally well insulated and traps heat more efficiently compared to other door types. It can keep your garage cool during summer and warm during winter, lowering your energy bills expenses as your heating and cooling systems don’t have to work too hard.

• Reduces Noise. Noise reduction is another benefit that comes from insulation. It muffles the noise coming from outside and the sound the door makes while opening and closing.

Whether you opt for steel or glass, we always work with some of the best garage door brands, such as Amarr, Clopay, and Wayne Dalton.

Installation Process

The installation process usually starts with our technicians taking the appropriate measurements, which can be especially important if you are looking for a custom fit. Afterward, our team shows you some garage door samples to see which one better matches what you are looking to get from the installation. Once the details are settled, we provide you with an estimate of the cost before beginning the process. Our team always goes the extra mile on the job to give you the best service possible. When we replace or install a brand-new garage door, we don’t only include a new door but new tracks, spring system, cables, and rollers. Of course, if you’re replacing your worn-out garage door, we take it away along with all of its damaged parts.

Styles of Garage Doors

styles of garage doors

There are several styles of garage doors that can each provide a unique aspect to your home. Here are a few options you can choose.

Traditional Garage Doors

These garage doors offer a clean and classic look for your home’s exterior. With the number of models and designs available, it can complement nearly every home style. Most of them use a roll-up mechanism in which their horizontal panels bend at the seams as they get out of the way.

Carriage Garage Doors

This door style can be an excellent choice for some houses. It imitates the look of doors found on old carriage houses, which can look considerably good on contemporary homes. These doors usually swing open from the center, but some current models can fold open with an automatic opener.

Garage Doors Add-ons

You can add some flairs to your garage door installation to further improve its look or make it unique. For example, you can add windows to your door to let natural light seep into the garage. It can be great if your garage space doubles as another room, as it can make it warm and welcoming.

Another thing you can add to your doors is some decorative hardware. It can increase your home’s appeal and comes in several different styles, sizes, and materials. Adding hardware is easy, but it’s important to avoid overdoing it.

What is Insulation
(In Garage Doors)

An essential factor to consider when installing or replacing your garage door is its insulation. The garage door insulation measurement is given in R-value, which represents the thermal resistance of the material. An uninsulated garage door usually has a considerably lower R-value, meaning that it doesn’t retain or maintain heat very well.

As the R-value increases, the door provides more insulation, and the more you have to pay for it. However, it’s generally a good investment. Even if you pay more for it initially, it can save you money in the long run on energy bills, as it prevents heat from escaping in winter and avoids excess heat from entering in summer. It also significantly reduces the door’s noise levels.

garage door insulation

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