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When one or more panels of your garage door begin to show some damage, you don’t need to panic as there may not be a reason to replace the entire door. A cost-effective way to mend the damage is with a simple garage door panel replacement. With the help of our crew at Capital Garage Door Repair, we can leave your door as if nothing ever happened to it. We can replace the panels on most garage doors as we work with some of the most well-known brands in this industry. Our team of certified technicians works seven days a week without any extra charge on weekends, and we offer a warranty on labor and on the parts we use.

Garage Door Panel Replacement

Panel Replacement vs Garage Door Replacement

Panel Replacement vs Garage Door Replacement

Replacing some panels is significantly different than replacing your entire garage door. Even if panel replacement is the most cost-effective choice of the two, there may be some situations in which it may not be feasible. When there are too many damaged panels, replacing the entire garage door may be a more efficient solution. However, if the damage only extends to a couple of them, then the better decision is to replace these few.

Another reason to replace garage door panels are discontinued doors or panels. As long as the technician finds similar or identical replacement materials, it isn’t necessary to worry about replacing the garage door.

Unfortunately, the garage door industry is continuously evolving, and some products are now discontinued. When the technician can’t find the right replacement panels, it becomes necessary to replace the entire door if you want to fix the damage.

Garage door panels can also succumb to time. When their quality deteriorates too much, it may be a wise idea to replace the garage door. Replacing individual panels isn’t too practical when age has already damaged most components of the garage door. If you’re unsure about what the best course of action is, get in contact with our company, Capital Garage Door Repair, and we can let you know which solution is better.

Different Garage Door Panel Damages

Accidents can happen, and some unexpected damage may occur to your garage doors at any given time. Although occasionally, replacing a panel may only be a matter of time. When some of these happenings finally take place, your garage door may wind up with some bent panels, broken panels, or dented panels.

Predicting and avoiding some of these events can be nearly impossible. A good example is the weather. High winds are the most serious weather condition that can damage your door. They can fly debris around that can dent or bend your panels upon impact. If your door is under direct sunlight for the entire day, it may also decolorate your panels.

Regardless, there are still some things you can try and look out for, such as an off-track garage door and other accidents:

• Off-Track Door

If you don’t perform routine maintenance, it’s only a matter of time before there’s an incident that makes your garage door go off-track. A common reason for this is when the tracks become misaligned. Misaligned tracks increase the risk of the door’s rollers detaching from it and some other mechanical issues. Continuing to use the door while it’s like this can cause severe damage to both the door, its panels, and the track itself.

• Accidents

One of the most common causes of garage door panel damages is accidents. In particular, people hitting the garage door with their vehicles. You can damage your garage door even if you hit it while going significantly slow. As cars are pretty hefty, it’s incredibly easy to break or bend a panel when you touch your garage door with one. Fortunately, you may get away with replacing just a few door panels, so try not to worry too much if you hit the garage door with your car.

garage door panel replacement service

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