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Garage Door Opener Specialists in Cherry Hill NJ

Capital Garage Door Repair is your go-to for all garage door opener repairs and installations. We are experts in the field and would like to help you fix and maintain the functionality of the garage door openers in your home. We can repair almost all garage door openers, with a few exceptions, and pride ourselves on this ability. When it comes to problems like broken gears, malfunctioning sensors, chain and belt replacements, and reprogramming, there is no problem too complex.

Popular brands of garage door openers, such as Liftmaster and others, are very familiar to us when it comes to repairs and installations.

For installations, we specialize in replacing old units that are past repair in addition to completing installations of garage door openers for newly built garages.

Our services are offered the same day by certified technicians. We are even available on weekends to best serve you and accommodate your busy schedule. To guarantee your satisfaction with our work, we offer warranties on parts and labor.

garage door opener repair and installation

Garage Door Opener Repair

garage door opener repair and installation cherry hill

When determining the job you need to get done on your garage door opener, it is important to see if you need a repair or an installation. There are multiple reasons  why you would need a garage door opener repair:

  • Broken gears.
  • Faulty motherboards.
  • Damaged or missing sensors.
  • A loose chain.
  • A non-functional wall unit or remote

Garage Door Opener Installation

garage door opener installation

Still haven’t determined if you require a replacement garage door opener installed or a simple repair? Here are some reasons you, as a homeowner, may need to invest in a new system. You have an old unit to which the parts are no longer available. You have a home inspection in anticipation of selling the house and don’t have sensors for an opener that fits our systems. Another great thing is that you don’t have to be experiencing either of these problems to receive a better, newer garage door opener installation. Our newest systems offer new features such as wifi, battery backup, and cameras.

Common Garage Door Opener Issues

While each system is unique, there are common troubleshooting issues we frequently encounter on jobs.

⤇ The Garage Door Opener is Not Closing Normally (Sensors)

The sensors to your garage door opener are in charge of how far your garage door will close or open when in use. The close limit switch may need adjusting, or it may be the alignment and height of the sensors.

⤇ Grinding Noises

Grinding noises when your garage door is opening or closing are more than just irritating — this could be an indication that one of the gears has broken. Don’t worry, this is an easy repair job and does not require a new installation.

⤇ The Remote Keypad or Control of the Garage Door Opener is not Responding

In this instance, your garage door opener is not functioning as a unit with the garage door keypad and the garage door remote. When such is true, the programming needs to be assessed and recalibrated.

⤇ Opener Reversing Feature Doesn’t Work

This problem is harder to notice if you do not frequently have things in the path of the closing garage door. However, a failed opener reversing feature is a safety concern, and it should be fixed as quickly as possible. We recommend a garage door safety check to prevent possible injuries or damage.

⤇ Emergency Release is Pulled Down

The garage door emergency release is used in instances when the power option is not available, such as a power outage or mechanical switch off. When pulled down, the garage door emergency release will disengage the system, and the garage door won’t open.

Types of Garage Door Openers

offering The most advanced garage door openers

Garage Door Opener

chain drive garage door opener

This garage door opener utilizes a metal chain and tension spring system to lift and shut the garage door.

Advantages of a Chain-Driven Garage Door Opener

A chain-drive garage door opener is more affordable than its counterparts.

Garage Door Opener

belt drive garage door opener

This works just like a chain-driven garage door opener, but it uses a rubber belt instead.

Advantages of a Belt-Driven Garage Door Opener

With the substitution of a rubber belt for the system, this becomes the quietest option available. This is great if you have sleeping occupants near your attached garage. Also, it comes with a battery backup.

Wall mount
garage door opener

wall mount garage door opener

This style is also referred to as a Jackshaft garage door opener. The system is set along the wall instead of overhead. It is mainly used in commercial and residential high lift garages.

Advantages of a Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

The installment of this garage door open serves two purposes. It increases overhead space in your garage, and for garages with high ceilings, provides easy access.

working with the best brands

We work with the most professional garage door opener brands such as Liftmaster, Chamberlain anf Craftsman. Call us seven days a week if you’re having an issue with your garage door opener.

garage door opener brands

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